Fans Have Been Asking

Tons of fans have contacted me in the last two weeks to ask when the hell book three of the 1000 Souls will launch. Since I was the one who said it would be ready and available in July, I can hardly blame them for being surprised that it isn’t out there yet.

But what struck me was that I was contacted by so many–okay, three. That may not sound like a lot, and I’m guessing Stephen King gets that much fan mail in under a minute, but as a newbie just starting out, having even three dedicated fans is fantastic. I’m not including friends or beta readers here, who’ve been after me for months for this book. I’m talking about people I’ve never met from places as diverse as the Mid-West, New Hampshire, and Birmingham, UK. You guys know who you are!

I confess I don’t feel badly about taking the extra time, because Heretics Fall (working title) is far better for it. I’ve known exactly where this novel is going ever since I wrote Vampire Road, but I had to noodle through relationships, build bridges between events, and make sure it prepares properly for book five. That’s the hardest part. Also, I like every moment to build to the turning point of the novel, the moment when everything changes. If you’ve read Generation Apocalypse,


think of the moment Tevy tells Bobs to…well if you’ve read it you know what he said. From that moment everything changed. It’s that pivot point I live for more than anything else in a novel. I’ve got it for Heretics Fall, although it took the extra time to get it right.

I’m working like crazy to get this off to the editor asap, not just because of the encouragement of fans, but because I now desperately need to get this book out of my head. I live and re-live it day and night, and only publication can set me free.

Then the next book will invade my brain.

To anyone who is anxious to read Heretics Fall, book three of the 1000 Souls, thank you for your patience. I promise it will be worth the wait.

Side Note: If you want to judge how far along I am, watch my blogging frequency. As I get to the end I don’t feel the need to write every spare minute, so I blog more often. In the next few weeks, you’ll see me blogging more. That’s a good sign.

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Mike is the author of the 1000 Souls series that includes: Sacrifice the Living, Generation Apocalypse, and Heretics Fall. Warning: they contain violence, adventure, fast-paced action and hopeless love.