And The Winners Are…

Off to the Post Office

Off to the Post Office

Actually, I can’t tell you. Goodreads is very big on protecting the privacy of people who enter—let alone win—book giveaway contests. In fact, it’s pretty much fire and forget for an author. Goodreads gave me the names and addresses of the winners so that I can mail out their free copies of Sacrifice the Living, but then I pretty much have to forget that I have the contact information of ten fans. I might as well throw these valuable leads into the garbage, because other than sending their winnings, I’m forbidden to contact them. If I do, I’ll be banned from ever doing a Goodreads book giveaway promotion again.

While it pains me that I can’t send follow up letters asking if they liked the novel, or suggesting they post a review, I understand why Goodreads has this policy. I sure as heck wouldn’t enter a book giveaway contest if I thought it would result in piles of spam, either electronic or through snail mail.

So I’m off to the post office today to mail away the free copies to the winners. Next I’ll delete their addresses. Finally, I’ll hope that they read the novel, love it, and post glowing reviews. According to Goodreads, that’s what will happen 60% of the time. I’ll take those odds.

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