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Back from The Dead

Last time that I worked in the film industry it was the year of the zombie films.  Well apparently the film industry is like a zombie: just when you think it must be dead it comes screaming back.

The monster that ate my life has hardly finished digesting, and now I find out it’s going to be a VERY busy year in film in Toronto.  My union knows I’ve been inactive for years and that I haven’t kept up with the new cameras, but at last week’s AGM many warned me that if you could say the word “film” in Toronto this summer you’d be working.

Great news, but not good writing news.  The film industry is the ultimate monster when it comes to life.  My favorite quote is from Hunter S. Thompson, who described the film industry as “A huge money trough populated by pimps and whores where good men die like dogs.”

Over the top?  Yes.  But when you work 14-16hrs a day, getting by on 4 or 5 hours of sleep, until Sunday when you just sleep all day so that you can start over again a 6:00 am on Monday, well, it makes for some interesting, sleep-deprived interactions on set.

It also doesn’t leave much time for writing.  If I’m going to keep this blog going, I’ll have to do it from on set with my i-phone.

So I’ve been warned.  Get my books to market before June, or wait till next year.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get a few new short stories out of it.