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The Writing World Doesn’t Stop

But I did.  I had to stop blogging until I’d got through a nasty job.  It’s done.  I’m back. But guess what?  The writing world moved on while I was away.  Borders has gone into chapter 11, and no one knows how many publishers and authors will get a financial hair cut in the reorganization, not to mention all those sales staff who showed up to locked doors.  Apparently hundreds of outlets will be closed over the next year.

Meanwhile Torstar, the company the produces Harlequin romances, is finding the recession and the adjustment to e-books a challenge.  The high Canadian dollar is killing their margins in American sales.  But don’t worry, they’re still making money and the e-book sales are rising steadily.

But better yet, tune in here tomorrow to find out who followed my lead into e-books and is now way ahead.