Summer of Bridges

Kenny had planned to spend the summer skateboarding and hanging out with friends, but his Uncle Harry drafts him into a bridge painting crew–a job that will take Kenny deep into Northern Ontario. As the youngest member of a crew composed of ex-cons and bikers, Kenny knew it would be tough fitting in, but he never dreamed the job would involve pulling a corpse from a river, fighting forest fires and solving a murder mystery. He has to learn fast, overcome his fears and grow up before the fall.

These award winning short stories first appeared as a series in Storyteller Magazine. Now they’re back with three new stories that complete Kenny’s summer of adventure.


Burning Moose
First published 2002 in Storyteller Magazine Volume 9 Issue#1

How does a town seek revenge on a pulp and paper mill, the only employer, when an industrial accident claims one of their citizens? Kenny discovers that the forty-foot wooden moose in front of the pulp mill will take the heat instead of corporate executives.


First published 2005 in Storyteller Magazine Volume 12 Issue#1

Kenny never imagined he’d witness murder in a small town. Being a construction worker from the Big Smoke makes him an outsider, so he doesn’t understand why everyone in Sioux Rock Falls wants him to keep his mouth shut and stay away from the police.

Fire Retardant (A Sioux Rock Falls Short Story)
First published 2004 in Storyteller Magazine Volume 11 Issue#2

The village of Lost River is trapped by a forest fire. Kenny and Sarah find their only transport out of the disaster is a Bobcat, a little want-to-be bulldozer that seats one and has a top speed that a dog can outrun. Kenny can only ride by standing in the bucket of the loader and holding a metal handle on the side of the roll cage. Worse, the fire has reached the dirt road, the only road that leads to the highway.