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Publish or Perish: A New Deadline

Deadlines are hell.  Anyone knows that, but self-imposed deadlines are the worst because there’s no one standing over you with a whip.  You can wiggle out of them, pretend you never imposed the deadline or forgive yourself if you fail to complete your self-assigned task by your self-assigned deadline.

Unless you inform everyone you know of your deadline.  Then they’re all watching.  They’ll all know if you fail.  So here goes: Wednesday December 22nd.  By that time I vow to have the anthology of my Sioux Rock Falls stories e-published, complete with ISBN, the government of Canada willing.

I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal since six of the stories were already published in Storyteller magazine,  but I’ve promised many people that there will be two all new stories in the anthology, stories that have never seen the light of day let alone a publisher.

So here I go.  Work, kids, home renovations and just about anything else will stand in the way, but I’m determined that by Christmas anyone who cares to can download my anthology.

The thing is, I hate deadlines.  But damn if they don’t motivate.