I’m Brilliant According to Spam

For you fellow bloggers this will be no surprise, but it was a new one for me: the evil of spam is everywhere.  I thought it just came in e-mail, but the comments I’ve received on this blog have surprised me.

They usually begin by telling me how brilliant I am or how fascinating my blog is to read.  Funny thing, they never say anything about what I’ve actually written.  But the catch becomes obvious when they  link to a lame or shocking web site.

I spare you guys this nuisance by marking them as spam, but if one day you find your comment wasn’t posted–well, perhaps you were too flattering and I didn’t realize you meant it.  Thanks anyway.

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Greg Heo

Comment spam, trackback spam, twitter spam, spam on sale at the grocery store. It’s everywhere!

Oh, and you are the smartest person ever and this was an informative post. Perhaps you would like to MAKE MONEY FAST?

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